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Can’t afford Microsoft Publisher? Try this instead!

The Serif Company has now released past versions of many of their products, including a desktop publishing program, a photo editor, a graphics editor, a website design program, and more, and the cost of each is zero. That’s right, you can download any or all of them for absolutely free! I’ve been using my free version of their desktop publishing software, PagePlus SE, for over a year now, and I’ve been thrilled with it, especially considering the price! This software is great for projects like newsletters, business documents, educational presentations, flyers, posters, business cards, and much more.

Why would they offer these products for free? Well, first of all, they hope you get accustomed to the way their products work, so that you’ll feel more comfortable with their products when you go to buy software in the future. Speaking of which, they hope that you’ll eventually decide to buy the newer versions of their programs, which naturally have more bells and whistles than the free versions. Fair enough, I say! When money is tight, and I just need something to get the job done, I’m happy to have the chance to use the less sophisticated products. In the future, when I have the means for more, and if my requirements increase, I’ll certainly be happy to keep their newer products in mind.

The website to visit to get your free software is:


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