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Clickschooling Archives now available!

I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Diane Flynn Keith’s Clickschooling newsletter. Since 2000, she has sent out reviews of websites that are great for homeschooling families. This means she’s reviewed hundreds of interesting and unique educational resources. Whether it is a virtual aquarium or a website of illustrated stories read by celebrites, an Origami website, or the San Francisco Symphony, her recommendations are high quality, invaluable tools. Now, she has made the entire archive of recommended Clickschooling websites available at no charge .

I recommend that you bookmark her Clickschooling website so you’ll be able to find it the next time you’re hoping to spice up an educational topic. From this page you can choose to search the entire archive by keyword, or you can click to select lists of the very best recommendations for each subject area.

Because the archive can be intimidating if you aren’t sure where to start, or aren’t sure of the topics for which you’d like to search, I’d suggest starting out with the “Best of” lists. It is also a good idea to sign up for the free Clickschooling newsletter. That way you’ll get to see new additions as they are added.

Whether I’m in the archive or browsing the newsletter, I like to bookmark interesting sites in a Clickschooling folder so that I can find them later if I need them. (Actually, I like to use, with a tag of clickschooling – the idea is the same. Keep your Clickschooling links together where you can find them again!)

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