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Here’s an idea for starting a Christmas tradition in your family

Looking for an annual holiday tradition that your family can enjoy together? Get Rich Slowly has an intriguing post about the Cinnamon Bear radio series from the 1930’s.

Cinnamon Bear was a serial that was broadcast via one 10 minute segment per night each night between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it followed the escapades of boy and girl twins, plus a teddy bear, as they traveled to Maybeland to retrieve their stolen Christmas star from the Crazyquilt Dragon.

Get Rich Slowly’s post has links to mp3’s of all of the original episodes. If you have little ones, this might be a nice “retro” way to commemorate the countdown to Christmas.

My girls listened to the first two episodes while we ate lunch, and for some reason they found them to be quite humorous. If you do take a listen, let me know what your children think!

As a side note, Get Rich Slowly is a great personal finance blog, with a wealth of common sense information and support for getting out of debt, living frugally, and building wealth. I read this blog often, just for extra insight and inspiration.

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