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PaperCrafts are great Freebies for homeschooling science, history, and more! (and, yes, they are fun, too)

I wanted to take the opportunity here to link to one of my favorite free online resources: The Canon 3D PaperCraft website, and explain a little bit about how this site works.

The PaperCraft site has dozens of full color printable models that you can print, cut out, and assemble. They run the gamut from simple to unbelievably complex. Some of them are truly masterpieces – perfect for those of you who are really up for a new challenge. Many of the projects are well suited to complement homeschooling lessons, whether you are studying Ancient Egypt or the solar system.

  • There is a whole town, built entirely from paper, with houses, stores, people, roads, cars, and much more. These simple but fun models are great for younger kids. We’ve collected several of them, and enjoyed them quite a bit.
  • There are model dinosaurs and model insects, plus other science related items.
  • Speaking of science: There are new rotating models of the Ptolemaic Solar System (where the universe revolved around the earth), and the Copernican Solar System (where the earth revolved around the sun). These projects actually have little handles and cranks that rotate the models – amazing that you can do this with some paper and glue! What a great way to reinforce both science and history lessons!
  • I’m also particularly taken with the Buildings of the World collection, which includes models of such famous constructions as The Parthenon, Neuschwanstein Castle, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal, and many more.
  • These suggestions are only a small sampling of what is available: There are also oodles of animals, toys, origami, and seasonal projects.

This weekend might just be a great time to try one or two, but be sure to bookmark for when you need a little reinforcement for a lesson, or just want to tackle a new (inexpensive) challenge. Oh, and stock up on your heavy printer paper and glue sticks! I’ve used anything 67# weight and up.


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