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AprilHi! I’m April Duritza, and I maintain this website because I’m a compulsive reader, writer, thinker, and researcher. I’m a third generation homeschooling parent who is in love with learning. I also love sharing what I learn with others, whether they also homeschool their children full time, or whether they simply want to do all they can to facilitate their children’s education in and out of the classroom. My quest is to find ways to make learning experiences captivating, meaningful, and whenever possible, affordable too.

Throughout my years of homeschooling, I’ve noticed that regardless of the changes in laws, curricula, support groups, internet access, and more, some things never seem to change. New homeschoolers need encouragement and support that they can do this, as well as a road map for getting up to speed. Veteran parents need fresh ideas and reminders that it’s all worthwhile. And pretty much all parents need to be inspired that their efforts on behalf of their offspring will make a significant difference in the culture of their families and the future of their children. Many of the articles on this site are meant to address those issues, and to encourage looking at learning in creative ways. I learn something new from my children and my fellow parents almost every day, and I pass along as much of it as I can.

Bringing Up Learners is also the home of my free curriculum guide. Bringing Up Learners Introduction to World History, Part 1: Myths, Maps, and Marvels coordinates a variety of resources into 180 daily lesson plans for ancient history, geography, historic and modern literature, world religions, and more. Mosaic 2, covering the middle ages, is currently under development, and you will be able to follow its progress on this website.

Oh, and finally, yes I am a homeschooler, but I may or may not not fit the idea of “homeschooler” that you have in your head. We homeschoolers are a diverse lot, with a wide variety of deeply held convictions. I find value in many points of view, and I think we can learn from many sources. It is my intent to provide a site that is welcoming to all who have need of it. Please take from this place whatever is of value to you, and feel free to leave the rest, with my blessings!

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