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Welcome to Bringing Up Learners’ free curriculum project.

In an effort to make rich learning experiences easily accessible to as many as possible, we offers lesson plans, curriculum guides, and resource suggestions to everyone at no charge.

Click the links below (or the ones in the navigation bar at the top of the screen) to learn more and get started.

Introduction to World History Part 1 – Myths, Maps, and Marvels

A year-long day-by-day schedule coordinating many popular history, literature, and activity books and websites. This printable pdf download is ideal for beginning homeschoolers, due to its step-by-step, day-by-day layout, including weekly planning charts and daily to-do lists.  It is also great for experienced homeschoolers, who will doubtless modify this plan to suit their children’s particular needs.

Bringing Up Learners – Introduction to Timelines

This unit  is used in the Myths, Maps, and Marvels ancient history course listed above, but can also be used as a stand-alone unit. This 26 page eBook gives extensive information on timelines for parents, and also includes 3 assignments with complete projects for introducing timelines to children in meaningful and relevant ways. Includes printouts and figures needed for completing the introductory projects. Great for use with any history program.

Bringing Up Learners – Introduction to World History Part 2

This level of history is presented in a spreadsheet format, to give you ideas on how to coordinate our suggested resources into a great Medieval History unit.  This is suitable for more experienced homeschoolers who have already (more or less) completed an Ancient History program.

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