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The Bringing Up Learners Introduction to Timelines

This free 26 page eBook download includes extensive discussion and comparison of timelines for parents. It also details 3 great projects (including templates and appropriate timeline figures) for introducing timelines to young children in meaningful and relevant ways!

Click here to download Bringing Up Learners Introduction to Timelines. Be sure to save it to your computer so you can access it any time!

Do let me know what you think! Your feedback could be instrumental in determining what I offer in the future, and the ways in which I offer it.

Additional Timeline Resources and Links

There are quite a few collections of great links to timeline resources available on the internet. Rather than reproduce all of the possible links here, I’ll point you to some of the best collections so you can check them out for yourself. I’m also listing some of the most helpful resources for learning about or purchasing timelines and timeline accessories.

Great resources for learning more about timelines:

Paula’s Archives: Timelines Paula has listed many resources for finding out more, and she includes some great discussion points about choosing and using timelines.

Paula’s Archives: Timeline Figures This chart, also from Paula, compares the timeline figures available from several different sources. Highly recommended!

Teaching With Timelines Timeline tips and discussion from Homeschool in the Woods

Timeline Teaching Mini-Workshop from JKSchooling

Sources for Timeline Figures:

Sources for Timeline Notebooks or Wall Timelines:

Wall Timelines of World History Wall timelines from Knowledge Quest

HISTORY Through the Ages “Record of Time” Notebook from Homeschool in the Woods

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